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Weekly Winner: Player with highest points after each event wins a prize from anon.

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Buy or sell? The Mammoth Grand Prix is almost underway


As we settle in for the third competition of the season, The Grand Prix at Mammoth, we give you the low down on who to buy, and who to sell.


Noah Bowman: $21,500
OWNED: 2.62%

With a strong performance at X Games, putting down a never before seen run, Noah seems to be just getting going. With another performance like X, it wouldn't be surprising to see him climb up the leaderboard.

Evan McEachran: $19,500
OWNED: 5.00%

Despite not being able to put together his best run at X, Evan is on the come up and is going to start giving the well-established slope competitors a run for their money. If he is able to put down a run in Mammoth he could easily find his way to a podium finish.

Simon D'Artois: $24,000
OWNED: 0.66%

Coming into X games, zero FFL competitors owned D'Artois, and after winning on the biggest stage, only 0.66% of Fantasy Freeride have added him to their roster. Simon has been skiing well and if his performance at Grand Prix is anything like X it would be a smart move to have him on your team.

Alex Bellemare: $26,000
OWNED: 4.67%

If you missed watching X Games, you may have missed Bellemare quietly sneaking his way to the top with absolutely ridiculous rail technicality and jumps. There is a good chance that the Mammoth course will be more rail heavy than other contests, leading us to advise FFL player to add this Canadian to their line up.

Emma Dahlstrom: $27,000
OWNED: 7.13%

Two contests down and two podium finishes in her pocket, Emma has burst into the slopestyle scene this year and at this point she does not seem to be slowing down. Watch out for her to come out swinging in Mammoth, she is very capable of taking yet another win.

Devin Logan: $24,000
OWNED: 31.20%

Although Devin did not get the start in X Games pipe, she put down a solid performance in slope, finishing fourth. She should be starting in both events in Mammoth making her a "must buy" for any FFL lineup.

Brita Sigourney : $22,000
OWNED: 5.08%

Brita came out strong at X, grabbing third place and proving that she is still a heavy contender in any major halfpipe comp. She's definitely one to watch for with how well she has been skiing as of late.

Ayana Onozuka: $26,5000
OWNED: 4.34%

Ayana is the silent killer of the women's halfpipe scene, steadily rising up the rankings over the last few years. Her runs keep getting cleaner and more consistent, and with that it would be no surprise to start seeing her bump into the top spot in any contest.


Henrik Harlaut: $21,500
OWNED: 50.94%

Unfortunately, Henrik took quite the spill last week at X Games during slopestyle finals and has sustained a broken collarbone. He will surely be taking some time off to mend his wound before jumping back into the contest circuit.

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand: $20,000
OWNED: 30.14%

After laying down an amazing first run in X Games qualifications, ABM seemed to have tweaked his knee on the final jump of run two while trying to bump up his score to ensure a spot in finals. We have yet to find out the extent of his injuries but are hoping for the best!

Keri Herman: $27,000
OWNED: 23.10%

On her final run through the X Games course, Keri took a digger on one of the upper rail features leaving her with a concussion to accompany her second place finish. Although she seems to be doing just fine it seems as if she may need to sit out the Grand Prix at Mammoth.

Darian Stevens: $19,000
OWNED: 0.57%

A backseat landing on a jump during finals at X got the best of Darian, forcing her to pull out of the run and have ski patrol help her to the bottom. From the looks of the injury it may be minor, but it has yet to be determined whether or not she will be competing this weekend.

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