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Fantasy Freeride X Games Recap



Emma Dahlstrom: The 5.81% of FFL that was smart enough to add Emma to their roster for X Games really hit the jackpot when she took first place in the women's slopestyle contest. Although her price has skyrocketed due to two solid performances in both AFP contests thus far, she seems to be well worth the price tag of $27,000 as she looks to continue her success moving forward.

Nikki Blackall: Nikki may not have wound up on the podium at X but for her first ever X Games appearance she held her own just fine. She has potential to start climbing up the leaderboard at these contests and it makes sense for the 99.42% of FFL without Nikki on their team to reconsider.

1. Emma Dahlstrom
2. Keri Herman
3. Dara Howell
4. Devin Logan
5. Julia Krass
6. Nikki Blackall
7. Anouk Purnelle-Faniel
8. Darian Stevens


Brita Sigourney: For only $18,000 you could have added Brita to your FFL team prior to X Games; quite the bargain. She has added a few new tricks to her run and will surely be a safe bet for the rest of the comp season.

Annalisa Drew: 9.79% of FFL had the foresight to add Anna to their teams prior to X, however she was not able to ski to her full potential. Upon further investigation, Anna had broken her collarbone less than a week before X Games, had surgery to have a steel plate put in, and decided to compete anyway (BADASS of the week). Hopefully she heals up soon because she will surely start to move farther up the ranking board with how well she has been skiing.

Maddie Bowman
Ayana Onozuka
Brita Sigourney
Angeli VanLaanen
Janina Kuzma
Annalisa Drew
Marie Martinod
Roz Groenewoud


Henrik Harlaut and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand: After heavy crashes in slopestyle qualification and finals Dollo and ABM were not able to compete with the rest of the big air field. Both could have been heavy contenders were sidelined and the 56.68% and 32.12%, respectively, of FFL players with them in their lineups were surely disappointed.

Vincent Gagnier: With how well Vinni Cash was skiing in the big air finals, no one would have suspected that he severely broke his back less than a year ago. 8.22% of the league lucked out with him in their line up and he will surely be picked up by far more of the league coming into the next big air event.

Vinny Gagnier
Bobby Brown
Elias Ambuhl
Kai Mahler
Jesper Tjedar
Alex Schlopy


Simon d'Artois: 0.00%. That is the percentage of FFL that owned Simon d'Artois prior to X Games, meaning not one single person in the league was fortunate enough to benefit from the cool 100 points earned for his victory. It would be safe to say that percentage will be going up in the near future.

David Wise: Although fourth place is nothing to be ashamed of, it is safe to say the 64.81% of FFL with Dave on their team were probably a bit surprised when he didn't find a way to make the podium. However, it does not seem to be a sign of David slipping at all in the halfpipe game, as his brand-new and extremely technical run wasn't quite polished enough. David is still a good bet in any halfpipe contest he enters.

Torin Yater-Wallace: 75.35% of FFL were upset upon hearing the last minute news that Torin was not cleared for competition by the X Games medical staff prior to qualification. But on the plus side, he is completely fine and ready to makes moves at the next contest of the season.

Simon d'Artois
Kevin Rollans
Alex Ferreira
David Wise
Gus Kenworthy
Noah Bowman
Lyman Currier
Mike Riddle


Tom Wallisch: After skiing Dew tour, it was unclear as to how Tom would fair in his first contest of the season, but after qualifying first the 20.66% of FFL who maintained faith must have been ecstatic. Tom is back and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the contest season treats him.

Alex Bellemare: Alex was absolutely on fire at this weekend's contest, putting down easily the hardest rail run of the entire field. He seems to be making moves for the top and will surely have more FFL players picking him up for the next contest.

Nick Goepper
Joss Christensen
Alex Bellemare
Bobby Brown
James Woods
Tom Wallisch
Gus Kenworthy
Henrik Harlaut

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