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Overall Winner: A $1,000 shopping spree from Slope Style in Breckenridge.

Weekly Winner: Player with highest points after each event wins a prize from anon.

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Fantasy Freeride League Scouting Report: AFP World Tour Finals


Bobby Brown - $35,000 - Owned: 38.96%

After a big win at the Dumont cup, Brown is trying to finish his competitive season out on top and will surely be going for the top spot at the WTF. He will be competing in both slope and big air up in Whistler making him all the more worth his hefty price tag of $35,000.

Vincent Gagnier - $29,000 - Owned: 13.41%

One of the most creative skiers in any contest, Vinny Cash has had quite the season in the big air circuit and is looking to put down yet another solid performance to hopefully land him a podium position. His unique axis' and grabs put him in a different league against the rest of the field making him a strong contender for the win.

Evan McEachran - $20,000 - Owned: 7.18%

As the winner of last years event, McEachran is going to have big shoes to fill in order to live up to the name he is making for himself in the contest circuit, but it wouldn't be all too surprising to see him come in again as the dark horse and find his way back atop the podium.

David Wise - $35,000 - Owned: 57.57%

Although this season has not been nearly as dominant for Wise as any in years past, the Olympic gold medalist has not lost any ground on the competition and could easily pick back up where he left off on the top of the field. He has been slowly working new tricks into his run for the majority of the season and if he lands a run with the new tricks it is surely lights out for the competition.

Kevin Rolland - $35,000 - Owned: 19.87%

With the number of podium finishes Rolland has attained this season it comes as a bit of a surprise that he has yet to walk away with a win, thus he is one to watch out for in the Whistler pipe. No halfpipe competitor has won more than one event on the platinum circuit so far this year and Kevin is trying to keep it that way by taking his first victory of the season.

Cassie Sharpe - $34,000 - Owned: 1.89%

Bursting onto the scene in recent months Sharpe is looking to find her way back to the top in yet another high level halfpipe contest. With a big win at the SFR stop in Tignes, she proved that she has what is takes to beat the big dogs in the circuit and it would be no surprise to see her find her way to another win in her home country.

Maddie Bowman
- $35,000 - Owned: 51.58%

The most dominant force in the women's halfpipe circuit will be watching from the sidelines for the next six months as she has major reconstructive surgery to fix a knee injury sustained at the Park City Grand Prix. As is stands over half of Fantasy Freeride still has Bowman on their team going into WTF, and it might be a good idea to look elsewhere for your late season points.

Tiril Sjaastad Christiansen - $19,000 - Owned: 2.60%

While Christiansen sat out for the majority of the season due to an injury she was recovering from, she did not seem to loose her stride one bit as she burst back onto the contest scene at the Grand Prix in Mammoth with a podium finish. Less than three percent of FFL has her on their team and we wouldn't be surprised to see her put down another performance similar to in Park City.

Devin Logan - $35,000 - Owned: 29.81%

D-Lo is one of the most consistent girls in the competitive circuit as a whole, teamed with the fact that she is one of the only girls who competes in both slope and pipe, she seems to be a "no brainer" addition to any FFL team. At this point less than thirty percent of the league has yet to recognize her true value, a number that we would be surprised not to see rise before the start of this contest.

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