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Overall Winner: A $1,000 shopping spree from Slope Style in Breckenridge.

Weekly Winner: Player with highest points after each event wins a prize from anon.

Latest Fantasy Freeride News




Mike Riddle - $28,000 - OWNED: 9.22%

In any contest it seems that Riddle is a name that you should watch out for, however in recent comps it seemed as if he was not able to land or put down the runs he wanted, leaving him falling short of any podium finishes so far this season. The 9.22% of FFL who remained faithful in Mike are surely thankful they did after he pulled off the win at the SFR tour, giving them a much needed 100 points as we near the end of the competition season.

Alex Ferreira - $32,500 - OWNED: 7.95%

After a big third place finish at X Games back in January, it would just be a matter of time before Alex found his way back onto the podium. We're sure the other 92% of FFL is kicking themselves, wishing they had had the foresight to see this podium performance coming before trading closed.

Gus Kenworthy - $35,00 - OWNED: 75.91%

With the hot streak Gus was on coming into this contest, it really didn't seem as if he could be stopped, and with qualifying in first place all of the cards seemed to be falling in his favor. But for some reason or another Gus didn't take his runs in finals leaving him in a seventh place tie with Thomas Krief, and effectively ending his podium streak that he had been riding over the past several weeks.


Mike Riddle
David Wise
Alex Ferreira
Kevin Rolland
Benoit Valentin
Simon D'Artois
Gus Kenworthy
Thomas Krief


Cassie Charpe - $28,000 - OWNED: 2.15%

With the way she has been skiing this year it would seem that you could have almost predicted this result. Cassie has been stepping up in recent history, giving the more established half pipe girls a run for their money. It's a shame that less than 3% of the league is reaping the benefits of her first big win.

Brita Sigourney - $22,000 - OWNED: 8.82%

This season so far has seemed to be a bit hit or miss for Brita, when she lands a run she almost always finds her way up towards the podium. This contest seemed to be no different, with Brita landing a clean run and moving her way towards the top of the field. She could easily be the best bargain of this contest, costing only $22,000 coming into the contest, a number that will surely be going up soon after this podium performance.

Marie Martinod - $20,000 - OWNED: 3.10%

With far fewer contest starts than in years past, we have seen a significant drop in the amount of people purchasing Marie for the FFL line up, however she is a safe bet for a top five finish when she does compete and she proved that in Tignes. Marie will surely be one to watch going further into the season.


Cassie Sharpe
Ayana Onozuka
Brita Sigourney
Marie Martinod
Devin Logan
Janina Kuzma

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