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Overall Winner: A $1,000 shopping spree from Slope Style in Breckenridge.

Weekly Winner: Player with highest points after each event wins a prize from anon.

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FFL Scouting Report: SFR Freestyle Tour


David Wise - $35,000 - Owned: 61.94%

David Wise has been a dominating force in the halfpipe scene for several years now. However, with the increasing level of competition, it seems that Wise is no longer untouchable atop the podium. This could force the Olympic champ to change up his run, and pull out some tricks that would once again set him well ahead of the rest of the field.

Kevin Rolland - $32,000 - Owned: 23.49%

For many years Kevin Rolland has been a heavy hitter in every large halfpipe event across the globe. This year, his amplitude has helped him to pick up lost ground against the rest of the field and put him back into podium contention in most any contest. If he is able to put down a run similar to any of the others he has so far in competition this year, be sure to look for Rolland on the podium at this SFR tour stop.

Noah Bowman - $23,300 - Owned: 3.34%

After sitting in the background of the pipe scene over recent years Bowman has emerged as a heavy hitter amongst some of the best in the sport. His creative and high-energy run is far different from any others done in competition and this has helped him to steadily move up the ranks this season against the rest of the field. If he has a strong performance it would not be surprising to see Bowman find his way to the podium in this event.

Ayana Onozuka - $31,500 - Owned: 7.48%

Ayana Onozuka has been on quite the roll this year, getting high finishes in nearly every contest she enters. After a big win at the Park City Grand Prix, she is surely hungry for more, ready to come out swinging at the next event. With her consistant finishes, Onozuka is surely a good pick for the upcoming SFR tour.

Devin Logan - $35,000 - Owned: 31.93%

Whether slope or pipe D-Logan is always a good addition to any FFL line up. Her pipe game has been steadily improving over the last year or so, and while she seemed to take a break from pipe skiing while focusing on the Olympics it does not show at all in the runs she has been putting down this year.

Maddie Bowman - $35,000 - Owned: 54.94%

After completely dominating the women's halfpipe scene for the past few years, Maddie Bowman seems to have run into a bit of bad luck. After qualifying first for the Park City Grand Prix, Bowman hurt her knee and was forced to pull out of finals and unfortunately will not be making the start at the upcoming SFR tour.

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