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Overall Winner: A $1,000 shopping spree from Slope Style in Breckenridge.

Weekly Winner: Player with highest points after each event wins a prize from anon.

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Grand Prix Park City Wrap Up


Men's Slopestyle:

McRae Williams - $21,000 - Owned: 17.12%

Skiing at his home mountain of Park City always seems to give McRae an advantage, and this contest was no exception. The Park City local was able to stomp a run in finals putting himself in first place for a bit before another Park City boy Joss Christensen landed his final run bumping Williams into second place. The 17.12% of the league who put their faith in him coming into this contest were not let down with this performance, and it would not be surprising to see that percentage go up in the upcoming events this season.

Chris Laker - $18,000 - Owned: 1.36%

The 1.36% of the league who picked up Laker going into the PC Grand Prix where pleasantly surprised to see him turn heads and qualify first in his heat. Although he was not able to repeat the success in finals he still managed a good finish showing he is a valuable asset to any line up in any contest he is competing in.

Evan McEachran - $19,500 - Owned: 4.88%

McEachran has steadily been moving up in the rankings and after stomping a clean run in qualification and finishing second in his heat it seemed as if all the starts were finally aligning for this young Canadian to snag a big podium finish, but unfortunately he was not able to take his final runs leaving him waiting for the next opportunity to take the contest by storm.


Joss Chrisensen
McRae Williams
Gus Kenworthy
Sami Sakkinen
Tom Wallisch
Chris Laker
James Woods
Bobby Brown
Felix Usterud
Evan McEachran

Women's Slopestyle:

Emma Dahlstrom - $27,000 - Owned: 10.48%
Dahlstrom is on nothing short of a competition rampage at this point in the season, with her second win of the season here in Park City. Her smooth yet progressive runs have put her in a dominant position within the women's field and it comes as a bit of a surprise that less than 11% of the league had Emma going into the Grand Prix.

Tiril Sjaastad-Christiansen - $15,000 - Owned: 3.60%

In her first major competition since an injury sustained last season, Sjaastad-Christiansen showed everyone that she is still a competitive force in the women's slope game. At only $15,000, she was definitely the best bargain of the contest brining in a cool 72 points for the 3.60% of the league that added her to their lineup. Her stock is sure to increase as she gets more starts under her belt and we wouldn't be surprised to see a much larger ownership percentage going into the next event.

Keri Herman - $27,000 - Owned: 21.36%

After finishing on the podium in both events competed in this year, it made sense to see over 20% of the league showing faith in Herman and keeping her on their team going into the Grand Prix, however she is still feeling the effects of her crash at X games and was unfortunately forced to sit this one out, leaving the 21.36 percent of FFL with her on their team in dire need of points.


Emma Dahlstrom
Devin Logan
Tiril Sjaastad Christiansen
Anouk Purnelle-Faniel
Giulia Tanno
Johanna Killi

Men's Halfpipe:

Gus Kenworthy - $35,000 - Owned: 75.92%

Yet another contest where Kenworthy proved that he is quite possibly the most valuable athlete in the entirety of FFL. Not only did he earn a podium finish in slopestyle, but he put one of the best half pipe runs ever done down in finals taking the win in the pipe with a staggering 95.60. The real question seems to be why on earth 24.08% of the league hasn't added Gus to their Fantasy Freeride League roster.

Kyle Smaine - $24,500 - Owned: 0.56%

Steadily making his way up the rankings in these major events, Smaine came out swinging at the Park City Grand Prix, and with a sixth place finish he has shown that he can consistently hang with the big dogs. Less than one percent of the league was able to benefit from his result and we would not be surprised to see more people pick him up going into the next event.

Torin Yater-Wallace - $23,000 - Owned: 67.52%

Though his season has not been as explosive as it may have started out with his win at the Winter Dew Tour, Yater-Wallace crushed the qualifying heat at the GP only to not be able to stick his run once finals came around. The 67.52% of FFL with TYW on their team were surely disappointed to see him not be able to repeat his qualifying success, however he is still a major contender going into the SFR Tour.


Gus Kenworthy
Kevin Rolland
David Wise
Justin Dorey
Benoit Valentin
Kyle Smaine
Noah Bowman
Torin Yater-Wallace
Alex Ferreira
Simon D'Artois

Women's Halfpipe:

Ayana Onozuka - $26,500 - Owned: 4.48%

Less than five percent of FFL was able to reap the benefits of Onozuka's win at the park city Grand Prix, which is a bit surprising considering how well she has been doing this year in the contest scene. Maybe with this win we will finally start to see more people add her to their line up in hopes of her repeating her success in upcoming contests.

Devin Logan - $32,000 - Owned: 31.84%

Far and away the MVP of the girls side of FFL Logan walked away with two good finishes this weekend in slope and pipe, proving that she can hack it with the best of them in any event. Even with a dislocated thumb she demonstrated that she is a must have for any event she is competing in.

Maddie Bowman - $35,000 - Owned: 58.08%

With three contests in the books and three wins under her belt, everyone was expecting a solid performance out of Bowman coming into the Grand Prix. After qualifying in first place it seemed as if there was no stopping her, but alas she opted out of taking her final runs due to a slightly bothered knee leaving 58.08% of FFL without the 100 points they had surely already been relying on.


Ayana Onozuka
Sabrina Cakmakli
Janina Kuzma
Devin Logan
Cassie Sharpe
Maddie Bowman

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